A Spiritual Nature Retreat & Campground in Sedona, Arizona

The Spiritual History of Our Land's Significance

For centuries, travelers have been led to Sedona, historically revered as a sacred place for retreat and peace. In the Native American tradition, no battles were fought here and no permanent residences were built out of respect for the active spiritual forces that dwell among the energy vortices and towering red rocks.

Several Native American elders have visited this land, previously know as Avalon Organic Gardens, including Wallace Black Elk, who, when he first came and did a sweat lodge, commented on the living spiritual forces existing at Avalon. Dennis Banks and Russell Means (of The Last Of The Mohicans fame and co-founders of the American Indian Movement) also visited Avalon Organic Gardens, to name a few well-known native elders. 

In 1989 the founders of Camp Avalon, Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase, began what would become a lifelong spiritual journey after a 3-month stay at a Sedona campground not unlike this one.

They had become humble seekers of life's great mysteries, and the spirit guides of these lands gifted them with the conviction needed to pursue a lifetime of service and community building in the outworking ministry of Global Community Communications Alliance.

Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase are also the founders of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion, the world’s only spiritual university teaching the concepts of the Fifth (The URANTIA Book) and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Cosmic Family volumes). The University campus is also home to Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage, one of the world’s largest spiritual communities and EcoVillages located in Southern Arizona with members from around the globe.

Today, their vision to give back what was given to them nearly 30 years ago is manifested in the spiritual nature retreat of Camp Avalon, where travelers and sojourners of all faiths gather from around the world to pray amidst the majestic trees, meditate beside the ribboning Oak Creek, and seek both inwardly and outwardly for the next step in their journey. Here you will discover sacred space and time which we hope may guide you into your highest destiny. At Camp Avalon, may the earth and sky be your temple, as no edifice is needed to worship the loving Creator who exists all around us.

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