A Spiritual Nature Retreat & Campground in Sedona, Arizona

About Camp Avalon

The sacred lands of Camp Avalon have historically been used for organic gardening and community development. Now, these beautiful and rural lands are often the destination location for campers and sojourners seeking spiritual retreats into the heart of one of Sedona's most pristine natural habitats.

Camp Avalon is owned by Global Community Communications Alliance, a non-denominational temple-church community, tax exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3), and operates as a social service program for the encouragement of expeditions into nature and spiritual retreats. As such, Camp Avalon is a unique experience designed solely for bringing forth this mission. Many volunteers work to upkeep the beautiful and sacred grounds of Camp Avalon, where many original pieces of infrastructure still stand from when these lands were purposed for the spiritual community of Avalon Gardens. We welcome individuals from all walks of faith to participate in our vision of promoting a world of unity and higher consciousness. The sacred land of Camp Avalon has been used for decades as a place of spiritual communion, worship, reflection, meditation and reconnecting with nature. This is the primary mission of Camp Avalon: to give seekers a place to rest and retreat, reflect and replenish, to pause and commune with the living spiritual forces that exist to help us find our path along The Way.

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To take advantage of this spiritual opportunity, overnight camping and day use reservations can be made online. There is always campground availability unless stated otherwise on our website. Please inquire about RV/trailer camping; we do not have hookups but can accommodate small- to medium-size vehicles.

Please note that there is drinking water available at the campground as well as porta-potties. Currently, no showers are available. Oak Creek borders the campground and is available to campers for swimming. We sell firewood for $5/bushel and fires are permitted during most parts of the year. Before booking your reservation please review our Campground Rules.

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Camper enjoying tent and hammock at Camp Avalon