A Spiritual Nature Retreat & Campground in Sedona, Arizona

Aerial view of Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - We are currently not permitting campfires. Propane stoves and onsite charcoal grills are permitted.

Tent side camping on Oak Creek

Creek-Side Camping in Sedona

Camp Avalon offers Sedona's only private creek-side campground on the renowned Oak Creek for meditation and reflection. For over 25 years, our grounds have hosted community events and church gatherings and have been the destination of international pilgrimages, with people coming from around the world to connect with the Earth and the Creator amidst the special environment of Camp Avalon. Ideal for day- or week-long retreats, prayer, and spiritual gatherings, Camp Avalon provides the seclusion of nature but the convenience of a 10 minute's drive to west Sedona.

"My time away from the constant buzzing of phone calls and Wi-Fi was very healing. I appreciated being in nature and the guided meditation and spiritual study."
~Eric Anderson, Hillsboro, OR

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Find friends and fun during your stay at Camp Avalon

Enjoy A Sacred Time with Friends & Family Amidst Nature's Beauty

The Creator's presence is strong at Camp Avalon. By connecting with nature we find the opportunity to connect more deeply with each other. Through a sacred retreat, meditation, sabbatical, or yoga, one can find avenues towards greater peace, heightened intuition, and a new ability to make a positive difference in the world one lives in. Please contact us if you are interested in unique opportunities to receive assistance and guidance in having a positive growth experience during your retreat.

"I spent three weeks at Camp Avalon in the spring. It was amazing sitting by the water in quiet reflection. The thought of 'Let nature be your temple' really made sense to me during my stay there. I appreciated the staff and the activities and hikes in surrounding areas."
~José Castillo, Los Angeles, CA

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Climb the red rock mountains of Sedona

Discover a Sacred Space

Imagine a day spent amidst Arizona's towering Red Rocks. Meditating beside Oak Creek. Enjoying yoga underneath towering cottonwood trees. Camp Avalon is a spiritual nature retreat where individuals and groups find space to reflect and grow closer to the natural world and their Creator.

"The existence of Camp Avalon has made a huge difference in my life. I made a retreat to Camp Avalon and met extraordinary people who opened doorways of new possibilities and spiritual growth for me. There's no other place in Sedona like it."
~Vanessa Goodman, Christchurch, New Zealand

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A photo from below the Chapel of The Holy Cross, just one of many things to do in Sedona.

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If you like to plan your camping trips in advance, here is a list of just a few things to do in Sedona, AZ that will surely keep you busy! There are a lot of hiking trails and hotspots to see around town and the surrounding areas, like historic pueblos and their pictographs or the natural water slides at Slide Rock State Park.

"Being a single parent, I brought my kids for a weekend stay at Camp Avalon and just having that quality time together, away from all the distractions of the rat-race of my job and the kids' school, has brought us all closer together."
~Brent Raymond, Boise, Idaho

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