A Spiritual Nature Retreat & Campground in Sedona, Arizona

Glamping at the Historic River Stone Cabin

Welcome to the historic River Stone Cabin! A Sedona "glamping" experience on the sacred grounds of Camp Avalon. Get the best of what this majestic area has to offer from the comfort of a cozy, heated cabin for two! Features a writing desk, queen bed, patio sitting area, and a perfect hammock spot out back!

glam • ping (v)

a portmanteau of "glamour" and "camping", describing a style of camping with amenities not usually associated with "traditional" camping. As in, "I ain't sleepin' in no tent! For real, I'm goin' glamping!"

Tired of tenting it? Been driving a long time and just want to sleep in a real bed for a night? Hesitant about the cold desert nights and want to sleep by a heater? The historic River Stone Cabin is here to help!

This rustic little cabin is just a river stone's throw away from the famous Oak Creek where our guests can enjoy swimming and fishing. Dozens of hiking trails are reachable from the campground and you're still just 15 minutes from the shopping and fine dining options of downtown Sedona.

NOTE: This is a rustic camping experience; there are no showers or running water at the cabin.

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